Friday, June 13, 2008

Ring of Fire

From his second appearance on The Johnny Cash Show, this is Ray Charles giving Johnny's No. 1 hit Ring of Fire a soul treatment. It was released on his then current country album "Love Country Style". Taped on Ray's 40th birthday this was aired on Sept. 23, 1970.

Wind shifted and I'm getting smoke from the Martin fire and also from the Indians fire down in Monterey County. This afternoon, the southern sky turned a rather fugly color that was sickly tan. Just came in from letting Token save a redwood tree and the not quite full moon is orange. I figure its from the smoke from the Indians fire. 6pm news had a screen shot from a skycam on top of Salinas Hospital and the entire sky had than tan/orange cast to it as the weather guy explained it was the refracted sunlight hitting the smoke.

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