Monday, July 28, 2008

Packing Up

Marion Williams - Packing Up

Tentative schedule: POD arrives Friday, 8/1. The Help Pack The Pod party is on 8/3. Escrow is tentatively set to close on 8/7, which means I have to be out by the 12th. Subject to change, of course.

I am expecting to arrive in the Newport area of Oregon on August 15th. After some much needed down time, I'll start my search for permanent housing. Newport is the far southern end of my search area and I think I'll probably end up further north but I was able to pick up a nice summer vacation rental home on a bluff overlooking the beach. (big big smile) No ocean view but close enough that I will be able to hear the crashing surf and smell the salt air.

The down side is that Token and Bailey will not be with me (big smile turning upside down). They are staying next door with Token's sister's people who are pet siting them until I find where I'm gonna hang my hat for the winter. Then I'll come back down here and get them and all my potted plants, which are going to be cared for by my friend Anne in Carmel. No sense in moving them twice. I am not looking forward to the drive back with Bailey - she does not like being in the car and is quite vocal about ... the entire trip. Oy.

I've got the kitchen cabinets about halfway packed - most of the canned goods in the pantry are going to the local food bank. Really just clothing that still must be gone through with (hopefully) larger pile going to the Mountain Thift and taking apart the beds. The dressers are almost empty.

Car goes in to George the mechanic later today for a thorough going over and then down to Lloyd's Tires Wednesday. Picked up a bluetooth headset for my cell phone yesterday down in Santa Cruz. My agent is dropping by a checklist for me to use for cancelling utlities, etc.

I'm packing up.

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