Sunday, July 13, 2008


Los Lonely Boys - Onda - all 26.07 minutes live from the Rochester Ny. Jazz Festival 6/9/07

Tis a lovely way to end one of my last Sunday nights here at the little cottage by the creek in the redwoods. The sun has gone behind the ridge and it is a pleasant 75 outside as the bright greens start to fade into what will eventually be greys as the stars come out. Watched a redtail hawk get into a nest of steller jays yesterday afternoon - the forrest was filled with bird cries as the battle was waged with jays dive bombing the hawk and the ravens and crows in the tree waiting. Today, everything is back to its usual silence.

I will miss this place.


  1. Onda is The Boys' masterpiece (so far) and it's too bad that very few people get to hear it (probably just us fans)! The version here at the jazz festival is fantastic!

    Burlington, T

  2. Yum! Bookmarked.

    Thanks, Suz, I got lucky and picked up Los Lonely Boys at the library.

    This is more than icing on the cake, it's frosting flowers.

  3. hi nan and thanks for stopping by my place. LLB is way underappreciated and deliver prime ear candy.

    ellie, glad to start your m-word day off with frosting flowers.