Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Token Tuesday

This is Token's usual position when I'm at the computer. He is on my lap, laying on his back, sound asleep. Makes it kind of hard to type at the keyboard but I've learned to work around him.

He is a hefty 8lbs now and knows he is the cutest dog on earth.

When it is cold at night, he sleeps like this under the covers, with just his face and front paws sticking out. He is a true gentleman and never hogs the blankets.

Be wary if wearing a knit cap to bed, however. He is well known as a cap-thief, slipping it off so the now former wearer doesn't wake up, and taking it down to the foot of the bed, where he curls up inside it.

He likes to think he is a big dog and loves hanging out with the various big dogs around us. He keeps up with them when running on the beach. His sister, Goldie, and Token have races around the inside of my cabin, starting between the sofa and wood stove, then under the dining room table, leaping the step up to the kitchen, turning around before doing a face plant into the cabinets, getting as much air as possible while leaping off the step down into the great room, going behind the couch and into the hallway into my bedroom, and then back into the great room where they begin another lap, first one being chased and then the other. Very cheap entertainment.

My housemate, N, is having shoulder surgery tomorrow for a bone spur and possible torn rotator cuff. Please keep healing thoughts headed her way.

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