Saturday, April 15, 2006

Token and Goldie

It stopped drizzling and the sun came out for a minute or two. I snapped this of the dogs on the deck. Token is checking to make sure no persons or critters are on what he considers "his bridge and creek". Goldie is enjoying the sun.

Now its clouded over again and feeling like more rain is on the way. The doppler radar is showing showers headed this way again.


  1. Joanie4:56 PM

    Suz, The pic of Token and Goldie didn't post properly. It is a big white square with a little square with a red X in the upper left hand corner. Darn, I wanted to see those doggies! H&K

  2. joanie

    It appears to be working fine on my browser. It has been my experience, though, that re-loading the page will usually solve the white box problem. I've had that when a page does not completely load. I fear those of us still stuck with a dial-up will continue to experience that.

    Thanks for brining it to my attention. Let me know if reloading works. If not, I'll re-upload the picture.

  3. Joanie6:14 PM

    Suz, whatever you did - it fixed the problem. Now I can see the pic. Thank you. H&K

  4. Glad its working for ya, J.