Monday, April 03, 2006

More Links (and Shorter Why's)

Yeup, I've added more to the Links section.

Crooks and Liars is one of the places I check for updates regularly. John Amato's "On-Line, Virtual Magazine" has many subjects covered and the majority of the posts have video clips and/or transcrips. A great resource and he gets multiple checks during the day for updates..

Skippy, as Jon Stewart says ""When I want news, I turn to CNN...and Skippy...the Bush Kangaroo." Skippy, the roo's roo, get's checked regularly for updates also. Skippy's based down in Southern Ca but I won't hold that against them. If it wasn't too far to travel, I would love to attend one of the SoCal blogger's events, just to be able to taste one of Cookie Jill's magical creations.

Digby's Hullabaloo, another well reasoned Californian, who's site I check daily. Digby is also down in Southern California.

Atrios is sometimes referred to by the blog name, Eschaton. Wish he would write more on his posts but when he does, Wham!

All of these sites are great at keeping me up to date on news, political items I'm interested in (especially those that catch the Bush admin lying and/or breaking the law) and are well written with a humor twist. Hopefully, the more I blog, the better my writing will become and I too will be able to make people laugh and learn at the same time.

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