Monday, July 19, 2010

Misc. Eye Candy

The bay was gorgeous today:

Out and about around the front deck.

The rose that tries to eat the stairs (and has made its way onto the deck) is getting ready to have a bazillion blooms on it. It's gonna lose some when the front deck and stairs get rebuilt.

And, of course, the obligatory photo of Token looking grumpy as he guards the driveway:


  1. Yea that pooch looks like he could have a mean side to him.


  2. hey one fly -- token is more likely to go up to any burglars with his tail a'wagging, and offer to show where i hide the good stuff for a good belly scratch or three.

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  4. Living plants! In pots! A sight you will never see at my place (well, not for long, anyway). How lovely!

    The rose looks like it'll be happy with a new deck to invade. It probably won't take long to come bouncing back for more photo ops. Can't wait to see more of it! Loves roses. Loves them!

    Token reminds me of my German Shepherd. Oh, she looked impressive, but anyone ransacking the house would be more in danger of drowning than bleeding. OTOH, she might have actually managed to keep stuff from actually being stolen, seeing as how it's difficult to carry out the teevee when your hands are coated in dog slobber. Unfortunately, we never got to test the theory, as our vaunted guard dog was herself stolen by some neighborhood children.

  5. the rose is an old fashioned pink climber. it has a bazilion blooms on it. another couple of weeks and it will be spectacular. i'll try to take some closeups of the blooms for ya -- my camera has a great macro function.

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