Wednesday, July 07, 2010


95 forking degrees outside this afternoon. Not a whisper of a breeze until around 3pm and it didn't stay around long.

The good news is a finger of fog is creeping northward -- you can see the low clouds gathering on the other side of the spit. I don't think I've been happy to see fog clouds gather before...


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  3. Funny how one's appreciation for various atmospheric phenomena can change depending on how hot the house is. F'rinstance, back when I lived in Arizona, rain clouds were my best friends, and the sun was just a big yellow hurty thing I wished would go bugger off. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, a fact to which I can attest, as I am now a sun worshiper. Except when the mercury climbs past the 80s and I start to long for ye olde days when the sky was gray.

  4. when i was working patrol, i wanted it to rain on my days off -- nothing worse than wearing that dayam yellow banana suit (rain gear) over my wools while directing traffic in the cold pouring rain. unless, of course, it was directing traffic when it was a gazillion and one degrees outside.

    now, i enjoy the rain and the overcast as much as i do the sun -- my personal tipping point is around 84 which, thankfully, is rare here on the coast.

    geez, its been a while -- i 'spose i should get a new post up...