Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

I got sunshine on a cloudy day...

The apple trees are starting to bloom.

Gary the wood guy delivered half the cord I ordered yesterday and will bring the other half later this week. I helped unload about half of it into the storage while Gary was bringing armloads up and stacking them next to the wood stove. I had to stop when my back let me know that I had overdone.

I was unaware of my fake knee was also protesting my overuse until today when I was doing the grocery shopping. Unfortunately, I was out of just about everything and had to stock up. Took a few breaks while lugging all those bags upstairs but everything is now put away, the frozen meats are individually bagged, and my new coffee pot is brewing a pot of High Tide's house blend. Other than getting up for more coffee, my plans include a lot of sitting in front of the living room windows for the rest of the day. Have lots of birds on the bay as the tide rises, lining up for their afternoon snack.


  1. It's been beautiful lately, hasn't it? Cherry trees are past their bloom, but the apple blossoms are out here, too. Could be better, though. It could be raining. ;-)

  2. hey cujo - i took these after the afternoon rain and before the evening rain.

    today tho, has been totally rain free (so far).