Thursday, May 08, 2008

You Are So Beautiful

Patti Labelle and Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful with Billy Preston on keyboard and an introduction by Bill Cosby.

From the Utube page:
For those who forgot, This is a clip of Patti rippin the apollo a new ass. Witness the full power and no holds barred performance at the apollo along with Joe cocker and Billy Preston on piano, singing you are so beautiful...Poor Joe! He had no idea he was bout to get hit buy a hurricane.
Sorry for the light posting - had a major computer crash Tuesday night (luckily after the primaries were decided and after I was done at the lake for the night). Am obviously back up and running (thank goodness) but it was very frustrating. I lost all my bookmarks, themes and have programs that my system no longer recognizes that I've been reinstalling. Oy!

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