Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot and Cranky

I had a stupid lying real estate agent call me at 8:14 this morning - bitch claimed that there is nowhere in the listing that said I work nights - is how I know she is a lying bitch because I've seen the dayam listing and it is right up top of the MLS listing.

She set an appt for 11am... she finally called at 12:30 and said they will be here by 1pm.

They drove in and drove out 5 minutes later. 5 minutes! Sure was not worth getting only 2 hours sleep for - that's for dayam sure.

Just to make the forking day perfect - its bloody hot and so is inside my house - having all the doors and windows open for a showing allows all the cool air inside to escape and be replaced by forking hot. It is now 12 forking degrees warmer inside my house than it was before I had to open all the doors and windows for the forking showing.


Did I mention I was cranky and grumpy?

UPDATE: It is 3:33pm and 107 forking degrees and the hottest part of the afternoon is still to come. Fork.


  1. Two days ago it was 39 degrees outside when I went to work.
    Today is a record breaking 96.

    My tounge is hanging out and it is too fucking hot to do anything so I am hiding out in my office doing paperwork. I already had one guy go home, the other two will be right behind him.

    I feel for ya, except I did get more sleep.

  2. ouch and double ouch busted = that sucks big green slimy ones to go from 39 to 96

    of course, if i had more sleep, i just might have been more forking sympathetic - and if it wasn't already 100 forking degrees and still climbing.

  3. Sleep well, put a pillowcase in the freezer. Mmm nice.

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