Monday, April 26, 2010

Lead Me Not

Lari White -- Lead Me Not.

On vacation from Firedoglake backstage duties -- no flippin' of levers or twisting of dials behind the curtain this week. Will still be hosting my Late Late Night posts Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights -- all of the fun and none of the responsibilities!

Am hoping to do some sightseeing this week. Have a buddy visiting Portland this week and I will be headed over the hill later in the week for lunch and catching up. I am hoping to be able to drive up to see Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood but this latest storm (its predicted to rain through Friday -- naturally -- can ya tell I am Irish) is expected to bring snow down to pass levels. I have managed to avoid driving in the snow since I came up here and I see no reason to break that streak. If I can't get up to Hood this week, I'll just go another time.

Tis a week to recharge my batteries and get my mojo working again. The nice thing about having no clocks to pay attention to this week is that it allows me to be flexible -- if it is raining and I don't feel like going out, I can putz around the house and do nothing -- magnificently.


  1. Enjoy Suz! Enjoy!!

  2. thanks nahant -- tis the plan -- i have been successful at it for a day and a half now...

  3. LoudounLib7:04 PM

    Revel in your time off Suz! It's so great to have time to yourself to do what you want, or do nothing at all :-)

  4. hey ll -- thanks. so far i've done nothing *laughing*

    been nice to just stare out the window, watching the rain, listening to the wind and not worrying about what time it is or what i have to get done before the clock demands i do something else.