Wednesday, March 04, 2009

And Wednesday's Just As Blue

More blue skies but also clouds coming in from over the cape and they are looking like rain. It has only gotten up to 49 today and the wind is blowing in from the southwest and has a right nasty chill to it. Not a terribly strong wind - nothing really stronger than 10mph but it sure sucks the warm right outta me.

Stephanie is over at Tillamook Bay Community College registering for her classes. The staff there has been very helpful, letting her know when she could take the placement exam and she met with her academic advisor afterwards to sort through the results (she did good). The advisor even gave her a list of the books for each class and its cost at the college bookstore. Steph checked around online last night and found the two expensive books were cheaper online and two lower priced ones the college bookstore had the best price on. The entire admissions process is free, including the testing, and the course fees are significantly lower than in California.

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